Guidance Resources

A message for Marshall Primary families from Teresa Phillips: 

"We are more aware than ever before about the importance of providing social emotional support for students. It is important to share with parents and guardians information and resources that may be of benefit in your home prior to the start of school, as well as ways that we will partner with you to support students upon their return to school.  We want each student in our schools to feel welcome, safe, and supported.  Such an effort begins in the home in preparation for the first day of school and will  carry over into the schools throughout the year as we use similar language and activities.  In an effort to communicate with you and share helpful information and resources, ASD2socialemotional site was developed to be used as a tool to begin conversations and explore ways toward mental wellness as we prepare to return to school and throughout the school year."

Guidance Resources Link for Anderson District 2


Elizabeth House (school counselor director) has provided superior support for families in our district. Please visit the following link to access the resources Mrs. House has added for parents, students, and the community: